Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Erika Robinson

Newly Admitted First-years

As you enter the university in your freshman year, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you schedule an advising appointment with the Academic Advisor early in your first semester. This appointment would most likely include a discussion of your goals and creation of a personalized plan of study. Regular advising will help you stay on track, help ensure success, and save time and tuition dollars.

Transfer students

It is very important that you consult with the Academic Advisor PRIOR to your first semester at Wayne State University in order to select courses for the first semester and to create a personalized plan of study. You may do this by signing up for a Transfer Thursday when dates are available. These can be found on the Admissions website, or email the Academic Advisor for an appointment time.

General Education Requirements for CFPCA

This is for information only. Your Academic Advisor will work with you to integrate these important skill-building courses into your personalized plan of study.