Company Fresh

Theatre and Dance at Wayne's combined dance and theatre performance program for first-year students.

About Company Fresh 

Billicia Charnelle Hines and Bryan and Shaina Baira stand with first year theatre and dance students in a dance studio
Billicia Charnelle Hines and Bryan and Shaina Baira stand with first year theatre and dance students in a dance studio. (PC: Dr. RAS Mikey Courtney)

Company Fresh is a year-long company that actively explores all the areas of theatre and dance in addition to equity and inclusion in the arts for first-year majors. The company will collaborate to devise and develop an original show that encompasses creative performing arts. The first semester will comprise exploration and discussion of diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts as an individual and community. In addition, we will explore the various art forms and begin development of a script and choreography. The second semester will comprise of revising the script, tweaking choreography, rehearsal, design, and marketing of the final production. "For The Hope of a Better..." is a show that encompasses six short plays, 2 dances, and song that interweaves and explores the theme of "migration" in a variety of ways. These first-year students have created an original show that is meant to showcase their various skills and speaks to the heart of their voice in the world today. 

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About the show

"For The Hope of a Better..."

  • Friday, March 25 - 8:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, March 26 - 2:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, March 26 - 8:00 p.m.
Venue: Allesee Dance Theatre
Ticket Price: $0

A Synopsis of each of the pieces

Birds of a Feather

"Birds of a Feather" follows the migratory journeys humans and birds have gone on throughout history. Similar to migratory animals, humans have had to migrate out of necessity, in search of food, water, and/or safety. In the days long before maps and GPS, humans put their trust in animals to lead them to food and water, or land. As humans have developed new and efficient ways to travel, other migratory species have been forced to adapt their ways of travel, as well. Human industrialization has come at the cost of an environmental crisis, habitat destruction, and increased mortality in birds. We are presently hurting the creatures who once assisted us.

A Friendly Road Trip

Four friends, Ally, Ty, Sarah, and Leah embark on a road trip. Since college started, they have somewhat lost contact, and this trip serves as their reconnection. When things don't go as planned, their contrasting personalities come through, showing that though people may seem like polar opposites, they are often two sides of the same coin.

Just a Little Piece of Us (Dance piece)

Is a dance piece that explores a journey of acceptance. 


Her. is a short play about struggles within the LGBTQ+ community, emphasizing on how hard it can be when those you love do not support you. When two teen girls fall in love, they face challenges from coming from two very different families. When one of the girls, Leah, moves away she has to deal with her religious parents while being away from her girlfriend, Harper.This story shows how important different parenting styles affect people in the community, and how it can even drive people away. What will happen to Leah and Harper?

Liminal Fields

Ainsley, an 18-year-old runaway, is looking to start a new life. However, all goes astray when Ainsley is a bystander to a dangerous accident. Ainsley is now in the middle of a field with a strange ethereal woman wondering how she got there and how she can leave.

All We Wanna Be Is Free (Dance Piece)

Is a dance piece that explores the struggle of Black people from physical to mental abuse. 

What the North May Bring

Charlotte has always wanted to become a singer, even though her grandmother never supported her dreams. Charlotte's best friend Margaret, who shares a common goal with her, has always supported her. One night, Charlotte gets fed up with her grandmother not being supportive of her, and she decides to run away to go up north to become a Motown singer along with Margaret. They meet new friends and grow bonds along the way.

Where I am From.

Who carries the weight of the world when everyone's back is broken? "Where I Am From" discusses themes of what it means to be a part of a country that doesn't what you in it and where we go from here. Individuals explore their past and how it has affected their future through slam poetry and personal stories. In the end would they prefer to look to the past? Or will they look to the future, in hope of a better...


There will also be original songs composed and sung by Aniya Lovelace and her wonderful trio.


  • To accommodate the interruption of rehearsals, construction, and preparation and to ensure the safety of our students and the quality of our productions, our performance dates have been adjusted. See show titles and additional details below.
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