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Monique Haley

The Maggie Allesee Department of Theater and Dance welcomes Assistant Professor of Dance, Monique Haley, as visiting guest artist Fall 2021. 

Roots of Jazz and Diasporic Encounter Method (D.E.M) Residency:

Assistant Professor Monique Haley will encourage and educate the students of the Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance on the Africanists principles that define the method of her jazz dance pedagogy and choreographic principles. Students will experience four Roots of Jazz theory and movement classes dedicated to exploring African ethos, Epic Memory, and Ancestral pull. All of which are vital components of what Professor Haley feels are the everlasting soul and spirit of the ancestors passed through generations of African and African American peoples. As a result, social dance innovation, shaped by their lived experience, is reflected within the jazz dance aesthetic and what we know as jazz expression today. In being introduced and understanding how these concepts play as tools for authentic jazz individuality, character, and embodiment, students will expand and inform their understanding of what it means to experience a qualitative jazz ethos in their jazz and jazz-centered work. By reading, discussing, and embodying the theoretical concepts in class and using components of the D.E.M method in Haley's contemporary jazz technique classes throughout the residency, dancers selected by audition will have an informed understanding of the fundamentals of Monique's creative work before entering the dance space.

Contemporary Jazz: The Diasporic Encounter Method (D.E.M)

African Cultural Values and principles are the frameworks inside a contemporary jazz dance space, creating a unique ethos within a dancing community. D.E.M. centers on the African diaspora, ethos, and community, which builds human connection and creating community and authentic jazz ethos of improvisation, play, musicality, and rhythm through the dynamic artistic expression of the body.

This Contemporary Jazz class consists of grounded and athletic movement that inspires the dancer physically and taps naturally into the emotional nature of the artist. Expect syncopated rhythms, undulation, isolations, and active use of plié; weight shifting, moving out of linear to curvilinear exploration, and stylized/technical movement within the jazz aesthetic. The dancer will be encouraged to focus on style, jazz technique, and celebrate freedom of expression through the body unapologetically. Components of D.E.M are used when exploring Monique's movement vocabulary during repertory classes and devising new creative works.

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