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Doug Risner, PhD, MFA

Doug Risner, PhD, MFA, has received the esteemed Dance Teacher Award 2021. Read the article in Dance Teacher Magazine. Risner, PhD, MFA, is Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Professor of Dance, and Director, MA in Dance Teaching Artistry program in the Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance. Dr. Risner conducts research in the sociology of dance education and training, foundations of dance pedagogy, gender, masculinity in dance, and online learning and web-based curriculum design. His five books include Stigma & Perseverance in the Lives of Boys Who Dance (2009); Hybrid Lives of Teaching Artists in Dance and Theatre Arts: A Critical Reader (2014) with Dr. Mary Anderson; Gender, Sexuality and Identity: Critical Issues in Dance Education (2015), and Dance & Gender: An Evidenced-Based Approach (2017) with Dr. Wendy Oliver, and Case Studies in Dance Education: Ethical Dimensions of Humanizing Dance Pedagogy (2018); he has published over 200 journal articles, proceedings papers and book chapters. Risner is Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of the Journal of Dance Education and Associate Editor of the international journal, Research in Dance Education. Dr. Risner is the recipient of numerous awards including the WSU Board of Governors Distinguished Faculty Fellowship, President's Excellence in Teaching Award, the Outstanding Dance Education Researcher Award and the Visionary in Dance Award from the National Dance Education Organization, and the Distinguished Alumni Award from the School of Dance, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (2017). The Doug Risner Prize for Emerging Dance Researchers was established in 2016 by the Journal of Dance Education to honor Dr. Risner's commitment to excellence in research and research education. His forthcoming book, Dancing Across the Life Span: Age & Age-Related Issues in Dance will be published in 2019.

Dr. Doug Risner smiles for a portrait during the day in a city setting

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