Dance Capstone

"Making Our Mark" - BFA Dance Senior Capstone

FEBRUARY 11-12, 2022

Allesee Dance Theatre

Making Our Mark serves as the culmination of the artistic/choreographic portion of DNC 5996: Senior Capstone. All works are choreographed by this year's graduating BFA seniors. The show highlights each choreographer's individual style, making for an entertaining and experimental experience. Virtuosic movement, humor, theatricality, and film are all fused together to create an immersive and engaging show. 

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"Making Our Mark (Program A)" will be February 11 at 5:00PM and February 12 at 8:00PM

Choreographers featured in Program A:

  • Eric Blovits
  • Kendall Ciantar
  • Mallory Marshall
  • Evie Gaines
  • Emily Hooper
  • Olivia "Ozzie" Bonich
  • Jayda Powell
  • Kaylee Adair
  • Kayla Gonzalez

"Making Our Mark (Program B)" will be February 11 at 8:00PM and February 12 at 5:00PM

Choreographers featured in Program B:

  • Olivia Kimes
  • Jessica Mossner
  • Brianna Clark
  • Joey Mattar
  • Andrew Pankiewicz
  • Roja Mullins
  • Claire Bechard
  • Taylor Craft