BS Dance

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Dance degree is designed for students who wish to combine their university-level dance training with studies in other areas of interest that supports their career goals and aspirations. Students who enroll in the BS program are able to study any dance form(s) they choose including Contemporary/Modern, African, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Contact Improvisation, and more. BS Dance Majors are eligible for all talent and academic departmental scholarships and financial support, and have the opportunity to perform, choreograph, and take part in our vibrant dance company offerings to develop skillsets to support their future in the field. 

One of the main advantages of the BS degree program is the ability and opportunity to double major and still graduate within four years. Out of 120 credits needed to graduate from Wayne State, the Bachelor of Science requires 50 credits in Dance, while the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Dance requires 82 credits in Dance.  Therefore, many BS students major in dance and take another major. We currently have Bachelor of Science students majoring in dance and business management, dance and kinesiology, dance and media studies, dance and biological studies, dance and visual art, dance and mathematics and dance and psychology. We have several BS students who fully pursue the Arts Management, Pedagogy, and Pilates curricula in the department as a means to pursue their interests in teaching dance and owning and directing their own dance studios and schools of dance. In addition we offer a Pre-Dance/Movement Therapy Concentration that directly prepares students for Graduate Studies in D/MT to become a Licensed as a Mental Health Professional. 

Most Bachelor of Science dance majors take a minor, and sometimes two minors. We currently have BS majors electing minors in Graphic Design, Film Studies, Broadcast Journalism, Pre-Physical Therapy, Spanish Language, Musical Theatre, Print Journalism, Business Administration, Theatre, Asian Studies, Archeology, Music, and Yoga & Mindfulness. Some students combine Dance with another major and a minor, for example double-majoring in Dance and Psychology with a minor in Theatre Management. 

One of the distinguishing aspects of the Bachelor of Science in Dance degree is the culminating capstone internship mentored by professionals in the field. This internship allows graduates to enter their careers with professional connections and experience directly related to their major(s) and minor(s). Of recent, BS students have been awarded internships across the US, presented at international conferences, received grants and research funding, been departmental leaders and peer mentors, and been immediately accepted into graduate schools.

Performance Opportunities

There are three performance ensembles: the W.S.U. Dance Company One, Dance Workshop, and To Sangana African Dance Company composed of skilled dance students who must qualify for membership through auditions. They present concerts, lecture/demonstrations, and performances on campus and in the community, choreographed by visiting artists, faculty, and talented students. Students must have a minimum 2.5 overall g.p.a. to participate in a performance ensemble.

Wayne State Dance majors using Pilates studio equipment

Admission Requirements

Admission to the program is contingent upon satisfaction of the general requirements for undergraduate admission to the University and a successful audition conducted by the Department faculty. Audition dates are scheduled throughout the year prior to admission. Entering students are required to consult the Departmental advising staff prior to their first registration for classes.

Wayne State Dance students in rehearsal

How to Apply:

Curriculum and Sample Plan of Work - BS in Dance