In order to enter the Departmental Honors program, students must have achieved academic excellence in previous work, such as a high school g.p.a. of 3.5 or a college or university grade point average of 3.3.

Honors students must meet all regular major requirements and:

  • Complete three of the following honors-option courses within their major taught by full-time faculty members (internships cannot satisfy this requirement)
  • Complete at least one 4000-level seminar offered through the Liberal Arts Honors Program
  • Complete a senior honors thesis under the direction of a faculty advisor in their major area (THR 4998)
  • Maintain a minimum g.p.a. of 3.3 cumulative and in the major.

If you are interested in participating in Honors in your major department (Departmental Honors), contact the Departmental Honors Advisor: Erika Robinson

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) Departmental Honors in Theatre course list (fifteen credits)

Code Title Credits
Select the Honors Option in three of the following: 9

THR 5841

Theatre History I  

THR 5811

Development of the Drama I: Greek to Eighteenth Century 3

THR 5842

Theatre History II 3

THR 5821

Black Dramatic Literature and Performance 3

THR 5831

Pioneers of the Modern Theatre 3

THR 5812

Development of the Drama II: Nineteenth Century to Modern 3

THR 5721

Playwriting 3
Students may select the Honors Option in one of the following B.F.A. courses (three credits) to substitute for a course in the above requirement:  

THR 2301

Introduction to Design for the Theatre 3

THR 3215

Acting IV 3

THR 4211

Acting V 3

THR 5311

Stage Design 3

THR 5325

Entertainment Design - Costume I 2

THR 5331

Stage Lighting 2
THR 4998 Capstone Honors Thesis 3
HON 4200-4280 Honors Seminars  (select one) 3
Total Credits 15

Students must maintain an overall 3.3 g.p.a.

For additional information, students should consult the Irvin D. Reid Honors College.