Meet Our Theatre and Dance Class of 2022 Senior Spotlight Series: "The Snow Queen" Lighting Designer, Maxwell N. Strauch

We’re back with another Senior Spotlight for "The Snow Queen", this time featuring our Lighting Designer, Maxwell N. Strauch. Maxwell is a Senior B.F.A. Lighting student and is delighted to see his work come alive onstage after the hiatus. Maxwell hopes that The Snow Queen will inspire younger folk to become theatre practitioners. After graduating in December, Maxwell will be designing Blood at the Root at the Detroit Mosaic Theatre. He strives to continue working as an artist in the city, and wants to reach as much of the community as possible.. Maxwell produced a magical lighting design for "The Snow Queen", and we can’t wait to see his work in the future! Don’t miss your opportunity to see Maxwell’s design at work! “The Snow Queen” will be performing on the Hilberry stage from November 19th to December 11th.

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Learn more about lighting designer, Maxwell N. Strauch, in our interview with him below.

Introduce yourself! Who are you, and what was your work on the show?
My name is Maxwell N. Strauch, my pronouns are he/him, and I am a BFA Senior doing the lighting design for “The Snow Queen”.
What has your experience been like working on this production?
My experience has been very rewarding. Because of COVID, I was unable to design any shows during my Junior year, which was the first time I had been assigned any designs. In the interim, I practiced my drafting and paperwork skills, which allowed me to be the most prepared I could be to go into an actual production.
What has been your favorite part of the process?
My favorite part is seeing all of those skills come to life; finally being able to put a year's worth of honing to work, and seeing how it unfolds on stage.
What advice would you give to students coming to our program?
My advice would be to get the most you can out of your time here. You have to advocate for yourself, and if you feel like there’s something missing - speak up. People want to hear you and help you, they just have to know you want that too.
What are your plans for the future?
Shortly after Graduating, I’ll be designing Blood at the Root at the Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit. After that, I’ll be (hopefully) onto the next project, building my portfolio up for grad school.
What is your favorite WSU memory?
After Angels closed, Director Blair Anderson gave all of the run crew members some very thoughtful cards, as it was his last show at Wayne State.
What is your favorite past WSU show?
Our production of Angels in America.
When will Snow Queen be performing?
The Snow Queen opens November 19th, and runs until December 11th.

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