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Rehearsal Space / Studio Reservation Procedure:

For all room reservations please refer to the availability below.

To request rehearsal space, complete this Google form.

  1. Your name (as appears on university one card)
  2. Your nine-digit Banner ID number
  3. The day, time, and studio space requested.

You must submit your request between the hours of (10:00a.m. – 2:00p.m.) Monday thru Friday, 48 hours to the date and time you wish to utilize the studio or rehearsal room. Before you come to campus, you must complete the Warrior Safe training and the Campus Daily Screener and view (see link below) this safe studio use video.

All students are required to receive a flu shot and upload documentation to the Campus Health Center by October 15th.

Once on campus, masks are to be worn at all times, be prepared to show your Student ID and Daily Screener information upon request by Campus Officials. DURING THIS TIME WE ARE ADHERING TO STRICT SAFETY GUIDELINES REGARDING COVID-19. If you hear of an incident of possible exposure or positive case, please immediately call the Campus Health Center ( Phone: 313-577-5041

The health center will provide advice and do contact tracing and, where needed, recommend isolation and self-quarantine.

Studio Specific Guidelines

Masks are required any time you are working in a studio, even if you are working alone.

In order to maintain social distancing, the floor has been taped out in 10' squares. If you are working with other people, you must stay in your own squares.

Please use the cleaning supplies provided to disinfect any surfaces you have touched including the door handles, barres, and the speaker system.

The total of people to be in each studio at one time are as follows:

  • Studio A Rm 3315: 6
  • Studio B Rm 3317: 6
  • Studio C Rm 3343: 3
  • Studio D Rm 3372: 6
  • Studio E Rm 3374: 6
  • Hilberry Studio Rm: 6 (Grads and Faculty Only)
  • Bonstelle Studio: 6 (Grads and Faculty Only)
  • Underground Studio: 3 (Grads and Faculty Only)
  • Media Center Studio Rm. 2207: 1 (Use of filming room only)
  • Media Center Mac Lab Rm. 2207: 1 (Use of Mac lab only)

The locker rooms are not available for use at this time.

If you need any assistance, please go to the production calendar (open your reservation) to see who is "On call" and where they are located in Old Main. If you are unable to locate them, please call Meg Paul, "On-call" coordinator, at 917-679-4866. If you cannot reach Meg, please call Lynnetta Smith at 313-598-2844. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY call Public Safety at (313) 577-2222.

Please be respectful of your reservation, if you are unable to attend on the day of your reservation, please email: with that update.

If you are leaving the studio space early of your scheduled time slot, please inform the "On-Call" person by going to the production calendar (open your reservation) to see who is "On-call" and where they are located in Old Main.

If you are utilizing a studio or other space in Old Main and discover a building issue please notify Devon Redmond at immediately. He will work with Facilities to have the issue resolved.

Please note: Failure to comply with these guidelines can and will result in the loss of the right to make a studio reservation.

Watch the "Safe Studio Use" Video.

Studio Availability Calendar:


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