Month In Moscow (MIM): Theatre Intensive at the Moscow Art Theatre School

Study abroad with a conservatory-based schedule

The Month in Moscow (MIM) is a partnership program of intensive workshop training at the Moscow Art Theatre School, which is the conservatory wing of the renowned Moscow Art Theatre founded in 1898 by Konstantin Stanislavsky and Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko. In addition to a conservatory-based training regimen – six days a week taught by masters at one of the world's most renowned theatre companies – you will experience the rich theatrical culture that permeates Moscow by attending theatre performances almost every night as well as enjoying frequent museum visits and a trip to Chekhov's country estate.  Open to serious theatre students from accredited colleges or universities, teacher-observers, and working professionals, MIM has successfully integrated practical theatre studies and cultural immersion in Moscow. Established in 2001, MIM is an authorized partner of the Moscow Art Theatre School.


Wayne State University welcomes applicants who are currently undergraduate students in their sophomore, junior or senior year of study, post-graduates, and professionals looking for a theatrical training intensive. All students must complete an interview and all undergraduate acting students must audition as well. Students must be theatre majors with an average grade of "B" or better, or the documented equivalent that is acceptable to the Program Director. College/university theatre teachers must be employed full-time in a theatre program at an accredited college or university. Working professionals must have graduated with a theatre degree from an accredited college or university.

Why study with Month In Moscow?

Those selected to participate in A Month in Moscow become part of a distinguished tradition. Since 2001, over 250 actors, directors, designers, theatre managers, and teacher-observers from 20 different colleges and universities, as well as working professionals, have chosen MIM as their preferred summer study abroad program to obtain maxWSU Theatre students pose in front of a portrait of Konstantin Stanislavsky in Moscow, Russiaimum training results and immersive cultural experience. MIM participants are enrolled through the Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance at Wayne State University—historically ranked among the leading comprehensive theatre programs in the nation—and have access to classes in acting, directing, design, theatre management, theatre history, and Russian film at the Moscow Art Theatre School, as well as excursions to theatres and other cultural locations. Moreover, as guests of the Moscow Art Theatre School, MIM participants enjoy the same benefits and privileges as their Russian counterparts, including MXAT School faculty, on-site support staff, housing, and available discounted lunches at the Moscow Art Theatre cafeteria. MIM participants say they had the best summer of their lives in Moscow; they have recommended MIM to their friends and colleagues, and continue to utilize back home the knowledge and skills that they learned in Moscow.

Program features

One Month, On-Site in Moscow

Participants spend four weeks on-site in Moscow studying appropriate theatre subjects and experiencing the capital city's many theatres, museums, political, historical and cultural sites. Housing is provided at the newly remodeled dormitory of the Moscow Art Theatre School. Discount meals are available at the Moscow Art Theatre cafeteria. The dormitory is a short and easy 20-minute walk from the school. Metro and bus transport and supermarkets are also close by the dormitory.

Theatre and Cultural Excursions

WSU students pose in front of Chekhov's country estateMIM costs include a guided bus tour of Moscow. Included as well is a visit to the Stanislavsky-home museum, where he lived and worked during the last 17 years of his life. The house has been kept as it was while he lived here, showcasing a small practice theater, a few of his original theater costumes, and other memorabilia. Also included in the cost is a day-trip to Melikhovo, which was the country estate of the Russian playwright and writer Anton Chekhov, where he lived from March 1892 until August 1899, and where he wrote some of his most famous plays and stories, including The Seagull and Uncle Vanya. It is located about forty miles south of Moscow and is now a state historical site. MIM also makes it possible for participants to combine their studies in Moscow with additional performances and cultural excursions as an extra-cost option.

Credit Earned

MIM participants register for THR5600, Study Abroad: Moscow Art Theatre School, earning 1-3 hours of Wayne State University academic credit for one month of practicum completed under the supervision of the program. Credits are transferable to any accredited college or university. MIM is an elective at WSU; applicability to degrees at other institutions depends on local requirements.

Acting Curriculum

Course Hours Schedule
Stanislavsky-based acting 2.5 hours/day Monday through Saturday
Singing 2.5 hours/day Alternate days
Movement 2.5 hours/day Alternate days
Dance 2.5 hours/day Alternate days
Stage Combat 2.5 hours/day Alternate Days
Theatre History 2.5 hours/day Alternate Days


Design Curriculum

• Study scenic, costume, and lighting design in Moscow theatres
• Meet regularly with the Olga Nevolina, Chair of Design, and members of the design faculty from Moscow Art Theatre School (MXAT)
• Work on a design project for the month with MXAT faculty
• Visit museums, including Bolshoi Theatre Museum, Bakrushin Theatre Museum, MXAT Museum, Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum, New Tretyakov Gallery, Kremlin costume warehouse and others.

Course Hours Schedule
Theatre History 10:30 — 12:30 Mondays
Painting 2:30 — 5:00 Mondays
Basics of Drawing 10:30 — 12:30 Tuesdays
Drawing (3 weeks) & Sculpture (1 week) 2:30 — 5:00 Tuesdays
History of Scenic Painting 10:30 — 12:30 Wednesdays
Scenographic Composition 2:30 — 5:00 Wednesdays
Dramatic Lighting 10:30 — 12:30 Thursdays
Lighting Design of the Performance 2:30 — 5:00 Thursdays
Museum 10:30 — 12:30 Fridays
Stage Costume Composition 2:30 — 5:00 Fridays
A workshop in the theater or master class by modern theater artist 10:30 — 12:30 Saturdays
Formal composition 2:30 — 5:00 Saturdays

Download the Month in Moscow Design brochure

Program Support

WSU Theatre students cooking in Moscow Art Theatre School dormitory.Russian Language Support MIM provides interpreters for classes and other official group activities for the entire month of study, living arrangements to ensure maximum convenience and minimum cost, and to encourage maximum immersion in Russian culture, MIM participants live in single or double rooms in the same Moscow Art Theatre School dormitory as Russian students. The up-to-date student dormitory floors have two shared shower-baths and two shared kitchenettes with washers. Public transportation provides quick and convenient access to the entire city, but many participants will prefer walking to and from classes by way of Tverskaya Street, Moscow's main commercial and cultural thoroughfare. Several orientation sessions are scheduled prior to departure, and conference calls are arranged for those living away from Detroit. These sessions introduce participants to various features of everyday life in Moscow and the Moscow Art Theatre School, as well as to the content and schedule of classes. Session dates have not been determined yet, and participants will receive that information as soon as they are available.

Student Participant's Fees

Item Cost Notes
Round-Trip Airfare $1700 (estimate) *
Moscow Art Theatre School Tuition & Room $2150 **
WSU Administrative Fees $715  
Personal Expenses $1200 (estimate) Meals, added plays and cultural excursions, souvenirs, on-site transportation, group boat ride, etc.
TOTAL $4565 ***
WSU Student Tuition & Fees
THR 5751 (3 credits), Undergraduate $1670 $2761 — $3238 (out-of-state)
THR 7650 (2 credits), Graduate $0 continuing WSU GRAs only

* Estimate based on departure from and return to Detroit, Michigan
** Salaries for teachers and interpreters, housing, airport transport, approximately eight plays, plus cultural excursions and day-trip to Anton Chekhov's estate
*** Prices are estimates only and may change

Teacher-observer's Fees

Item Cost Notes
Round-Trip Airfare $1700 (estimate) *
Moscow Art Theatre School Tuition & Room $2150 **
WSU Administrative Fees $715  
Personal Costs $1200 (estimated) Meals, added plays and cultural excursions, souvenirs, on-site transportation, group boat ride, etc.
TOTAL $5765 ***
Upgraded Room $1500  


Auditions and interviews will begin in the middle of October.  

Travel dates to and from Moscow vary depending on flight costs but are kept as close to the beginning and end of June as possible.


Jill Dion
Program Director, Month in Moscow
Artistic Director, Motor City Cabaret
Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance
Wayne State University
p: 313-577-5083
a: 4841 Cass Ave., Suite 3226 Detroit, MI 48201