Develop important professional job skills in communication, teamwork, problem-solving, cooperation, creativity and analytical thinking as you pursue your vocational interest in theatre. Theatre minors include: Africana Theatre and Dance, Theatre Design and Technology, Musical Theatre, Theatre, and Theatre Management.

Examine key concepts in Africana Theatre and dance theory, practice the analysis of performance and popular culture, and participate in theatrical productions of new and established works. The program endeavors to challenge and engage the community about the the black experience as it relates to theatre and dance.

Enhance and apply your design and technical craft skills in a theatrical context. You will have the ability to practice in the class room and backstage in the areas of costume, lighting, scenery, sound, automation, graphic projection design, and stage management.

The minor in Musical Theatre combines the experience the Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance and Department of Music to enhance your skills in musical theatre through course work and performance opportunities.

Enhance your experience in theatre. The program offers a variety of classes on-stage and backstage. Have the opportunity to audition and practice in one of the many productions offered by the Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance. The variety of offerings provide the opportunity to focus on studies in the areas of acting or dramaturgy.

Supplement your training with skills in marketing, graphic design, and operations management for the theatre. The minor in Theatre Management offers opportunities to gain experience on "on the job" training to prepare for employment and the knowledge to enhance your management goals.

To add a theatre minor, please contact: Erika Robinson @erika.robinson3@wayne.edu