Dr.  Mary Elizabeth Anderson

Dr. Mary Elizabeth Anderson

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Dr. Mary Elizabeth Anderson

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3365 Old Main

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Mary teaches courses within the performance and critical/theoretical tracks for students in the BA, BFA, MA and PhD programs. She is also the founding director of the Performance/Exchange, one of the Department's community engagement and teaching artist training programs.


Mary's message for this year comes by way of Suzan-Lori Parks, who suggests that you...

"entertain all your far-out ideas."

Area of Expertise

Devised and Generative Performance-Making

Theatre in Educational, Community and Social Contexts

Puppetry and Children's Theatre

Writing for Performance

Teaching Artist Training

Degrees and Certifications

Ph.D. Performance Studies, University of California, Davis 2009

M.F.A. Dramatic Art, University of California, Davis 2007

M.A. Theatre Arts, California State University, Sacramento 2003

B.A. History, University of California, Davis 2000

Recent Publications

Anderson, Mary Elizabeth and Richard Haley. "Aftermaths," Body, Space and Technology (forthcoming 2023).

Anderson, Mary Elizabeth and Richard Haley. “Twilight Gods: Attendance at a Drive Through Opera,” Theatre Topics 33 (2022).

Anderson, Mary Elizabeth. “Drawing What You Can’t See: Meditations on Theatre and Derangement,” in Theatre Pedagogy in the Era of Climate Crisis. Eds. Conrad Alexandrowicz and David Fancy. London and New York: Routledge, 2021.

Anderson, Mary Elizabeth, Billicia Charnelle Hines and Richard Haley. “Detroit ’67: Dramaturgy at the Intersection of the Theatrical Sphere and the Socio-Political Sphere,”in American Dramaturgies for the 21st Century. Ed. Julie Vatain-Corfdir. Paris: Sorbonne Université Presses, 2021.

Anderson, Mary Elizabeth, et al. “The Hundred Thousand,” Etudes (2020).

Anderson, Mary Elizabeth. “The Empty Spaces,” Texas Theatre Journal (2020).

Anderson, Mary Elizabeth and Richard Haley. “The Drawing Just Is,” Adjacent (2020).

Anderson, M. and Billicia Hines. “On the Corner of 12th and Clairmount: Conversations with Playwright Domnique Morisseau, Actor Breayre Tender, and the Ghosts of Detroit ’67," Texas Theatre Journal (2019).

Anderson, M., Billicia Hines and Richard Haley. “Detroit ’67: Temporalities of Theatrical Representation in the Context of Memorialisation,” Body, Space & Technology (2018).

Anderson, M. and Richard Haley. “Art Object as Citizen: Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead in Detroit.” About Performance 14/15 (2017).

Anderson, M. and Richard Haley. “Back and Forth: Mike Kelley’s Psychedelic Pedagogy.” Performance Matters 2.1 (May 2016)

Anderson, M. “Moving Mountains: ‘Becoming’ A Teaching Artist.” Theatre and Learning. Art Babayants and Heather Fitzsimmons-Frey, eds. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015.

Risner, Doug and Mary Elizabeth Anderson. “The Credential Question: Attitudes of Teaching Artists in Dance and Theatre Arts.” Teaching Artist Journal 13.1 (January 2015): 28-35.

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Anderson, M. 'Moving, Writing, Failing: Spatialities of Ambivalence in Detroit's Ruinscapes.' Eds. Dee Heddon and Sally Mackey. RIDE: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance 17.2 (May 2012).

Risner, D. and Anderson, M. 'The Highly Satisfied Teaching Artist in Dance: A Case Study' Teaching Artist Journal 10.2 (April 2012).

Anderson, M. "The Up: A Dialogue Between Detroit and Theatre." Ed. Peter Campbell. Theatre Practice: The Online Journal of the Acting/Directing Symposium of the Mid-America Theatre Conference1 (March 2012). http://www.theatrepractice.us/

Anderson, M. and Risner, D. "A Survey of Teaching Artists in Dance and Theatre: Implications for Preparation, Curriculum & Professional Degree Programs." Arts Education Policy Review 113 (January 2012). 

Anderson, M. "In/between/Place: Tess de Quincey's Bodyweather of the Central Desert." Brolga: An Australian Journal About Dance 34 (June 2011).

Anderson, M. "Laban for Student Actors: Probing Physical and Mental Limits." Journal of Dance Education 11.2 (June 2011).

Anderson, M. 'Nature in Migration and the Natural Migrant: Performing African Settlement in Tasmanian Community Arts.' African Theatre: Diasporas. Christine Matzke and Osita Okagbue, guest eds., Martin Banham, James Gibbs and Femi Osofisan eds. Oxford: James Currey (2009).

Anderson, M. 'Altered States: Truth and Torture in Stephen Sewell's Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America.' Canadian Journal of Practice-Based Research in Theatre 1 (2009).

Anderson, M. 'Engrounded: A Developing Theory of Site-Based Performance Practice in the Context of Cognitive Linguistics.' About Performance 7 (2007).

Awards and Honors

WSU Provost’s Fellow for Student Success

WSU Graduate School Outstanding Graduate Mentor in the Arts & Humanities

WSU Alumni Faculty Service Award

WSU College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts Teaching Award

WSU Humanities Center: Resident Scholar

WSU Office of the Vice President for Research: Research Enhancement Program in the Arts and Humanities Award

Kresge Foundation: Community Arts Award

WSU College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts: Faculty Creative/Research Grant

Faculty Mentor - WSU Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects Awards

WSU Humanities Center: Working Group Funding

WSU CFPCA: Faculty Development Grant

Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship


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