Meet Our Theatre and Dance Class of 2022 Senior Spotlight Series: Kayla Gonzalez in the December Dance Concert 

We’re back with another Senior Spotlight for the December Dance Concert, this time featuring dancer and choreographer Kayla Gonzalez (She/Her/Hers). Kayla is a fourth-year dancer and choreographer in the December Dance Concert. Don’t miss your opportunity to see Kayla in the December Dance Concert in the Allesee Dance Theatre.  Performance dates for the show are Friday, December 10th at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, December 11th at 2:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., as well as 3 pm on Sunday, December 12th.  
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Kayla will also be performing in the Senior BFA Capstone Concert January 21-22! For tickets and information on this concert, visit: 

What has your experience been like working on this show? 
My experience working on this show has been so surreal. After 2 years without any in person rehearsals and performances, it has been so special to come back full force and experience dance the way it is meant to be, in person.  
What has been your favorite part of the process? 
It would be impossible to just name one, but if I had to choose an overarching favorite memory it would be being able to siphon energy off of each other in the creative space.   
What advice would you give to students in our college? 
My biggest piece of advice I would give is to show up fully everyday, while knowing that your “fully” can change depending how you are feeling that day… regardless I urge everyone to soak in everything you can, four years flies by!  
What are your future plans? 
I would love to perform in whatever capacity the universe holds for me.  
What is your favorite WSU memory? 
Once again it is impossible to choose one these past 3 years have been so special in so many ways. If I had to choose it would be when my entire family surprised me for the Spring Dance Concert 2020. Being an out-of-state student, my family does not always get the opportunity to see everything that I am a part of at Wayne, but they all found a way to see that show. Little did anyone know at the time that that would be our last performance for a while, but that joy I felt doing what I love most for the people I love most was unmatched.  
What is your favorite past show at WSU? 
I have been grateful to perform in quite a few concerts here at Wayne. I would say my favorite was the Dance Workshop show entitled, “This is [NOT] a Performance” because I got to perform, choreograph, and ultimately help curate the show.  
What can we look forward to in the December Dance Concert? 
This concert is going to be incredible, there is such a beautiful range of casts, choreography, music, and relationships being built. There is also a deeper sense of gratitude of being able to come together after such a long time, it will be magical.  
Is there anything exciting about the show you'd like to share? 
I am so excited and honored to be presenting work with one of my best friends, Emily Hooper, in a duet entitled “did you see that?” I have always dreamed of presenting work in December Dance and to be making work with someone I care so much is awesome.  
What are you most excited about for this show? 
I am most excited to perform in four incredibly different pieces for my loved ones.


Dancers, Eric Blovits and Kayla Gonzalez (holding a top hat) are captured mid-dance on the floor with their legs extended toward the ceiling

“RECLAIMING” by Kayla Gonzalez, PC: Taylor Craft, 2021


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