Dance Teaching Major

Dance Teaching Majors (B.F.A. and B.S. Programs)

Professional Education Sequence: The additional following courses are required for a K-12 teaching major in dance, K-12 certification, and a major in dance, secondary certification for both the B.F.A. and the B.S. degrees:

Course List
Code Title Credits
DNC 3190 Movement Analysis 3
DNC 3810 Dance Pedagogy 3
DNC 4410 Student Teaching and Seminar I 5
DNC 4420 Student Teaching and Seminar II 5
DNC 4810 Dance Teaching Methods 3
DNC 4820 Assisting in Dance 1
DNC 4910 Dance in Community 3
DNC 5810 Teaching Creative Dance for Children 3
DNC 5830 Field Work in Creative Dance 2-8
EDP 5480 Adolescent Psychology 3
LFA 2330 First Aid and CPR 3
or HE 3300 Health of the School Child
RLL 6121 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas: Grades 6-12 3
Total Credits 37-43