Pursuing a minor in dance helps develop important professional job skills in communication, teamwork, problem-solving, cooperation, creativity, and analytical thinking while you pursue your vocational interest in dance.

The Africana Theatre and Dance Minor offers an examination of key concepts in Africana theatre and dance theory and practice through the analysis of performance and popular culture. 

The Studio and Community Dance Minor provides students the opportunity to supplement their major field program with the rigorous study of private sector dance in studios and community settings. The program offers an artistic and academic environment that will enrich methods and skills in dance teaching and pedagogy, dance kinesiology, outreach, and community engagement, while stimulating students' creativity and innovation.

Completion of a minor in dance requires nineteen credits in dance classes including ten credits in technique classes and nine credits in academic dance classes. Students should consult with the Department Academic Advisor for approval of courses satisfying this requirement. The department will accept up to ten transfer credits towards the Dance minor. A minimum of four technique credits and three academic dance credits must be taken at WSU. All courses older than ten years are subject to department review.

The Musical Theatre minor offers an opportunity for students to further develop their performance skills in musical theatre through course work and practical application. Students electing to declare the Minor in Musical Theatre may NOT count classes or credits required in their major toward the minor. Specifically: Theatre students may not apply to the minor credits earned in: Acting 1 and Acting II or Acting: Scene Study; Music students may not apply to the minor credits earned in: Private Voice, Elementary Music Theory, Ear Training 1, or Ear Training 2; Dance majors may not apply to the minor credits earned in: Modern Dance 1, Ballet 1, Tap Dance, Jazz Dance 1 or Jazz Dance II.

In order for any minor in the Department of Theatre & Dance to be fulfilled, it must include at least nine credits that have not been used to fulfill requirements for any other major or minor.

A maximum of nine credits in a Theatre or Dance major may share with any other major or minor.

No audition is required for the minor, however, you must take a placement class for appropriate technique class registration. You may wish to audition for one of the department's three dance performance ensembles.