If you are interested in participating in Honors in your major department (Departmental Honors), contact your Departmental Honors Advisor:

James Fortune

Outline of Honors options

Departmental Honors for Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Dance (15-16 credits)

Select the Honors Option in three of the following for 9 credits:

  • DNC 2000: Introduction to World Dance (3 credits)
  • DNC 2300: History of Dance to 1800 (3 credits)
  • DNC 2310: History of Dance from 1800 to the Present (3 credits)
  • DNC 3180: Dance Kinesiology (3 credits)
  • DNC 3310: Dance Production (3 credits)
  • DNC 3810: Dance Pedagogy (3 credits)
  • DNC 4810: Teaching Secondary Dance Methods (3 credits)
  • DNC 5810: Teaching Creative Dance for Children (3 credits)

Complete the following for 6 credits:

  • DNC 5997: Departmental Honors Thesis (3 credits) Thesis in Dance with full time faculty
  • Senior Seminar, an HON 4200 Level course (3 credits)

Student must maintain an overall 3.3 G.P.A.

Honors Option Standards and Guidelines

It is expected that all Honors Option projects in Dance will include the following:

  • A minimum investment of 25 hours of work (excluding time spent on general course assignments and requirements);
  • A commitment to new knowledge that is characterized by both student discovery and relevance to the field;
  • An equitable balance between traditional research practices and innovative research/creative methodologies;
  • An in-class presentation/performance of findings

Students electing the Honors Option in Dance may choose one of the following methodologies:

Interpretive Inquiry Project Model

  • Literature Review
  • Field Observations
  • Participant Observer
  • Interview/Survey
  • Interpretive Outcome

Creative Research Project Model

  • Literature Review
  • Experiential Data Collection
  • Creative Synthesis
  • Aesthetic Outcome

Research Paper Model

  • Literature Review
  • Data Collection
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion