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Space schedule

By default all rooms are displayed in the calendar below. To limit your view to show individual rooms, click on the blue drop-down arrow next to the calendar's "Print" button and select the rooms you wish to see or hide.


Reservations for Studios A & B are limited to full and part-time faculty and staff, and students who are dance majors. All other studios and rehearsal spaces are open to faculty, staff, and theatre and dance majors. University classes and Faculty have priority over all spaces and reservations. All spaces need to end 10 minutes prior to the next class for the next reservation. 

Room Reservation Procedure: For all room reservations please look for availability on the above calendar. Then email stagemanagement@wayne.edu with your name (as appears on university one card), the day, time, and studio space requested. Also indicate whether this is a single use or a recurring request (ie- How many times do you wish to use this space on this day/time in the weeks following?). Please note that approval is needed by Faculty for more than week of reservations. To best accommodate your request please allow 48 hours prior notice to the date and time you wish to utilize the studio or rehearsal room.To receive swipe card access to the studio space requested (includes studios A, B, C, D, & E), you must include your 9-digit WSU ID number in your email. 


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