Wayne State University

Performance Venues

Bonstelle Theatre
3424 Woodward Avenue

The Bonstelle TheatreThe Bonstelle Theatre is a 1,036 seat Broadway style theatre named after Laura Justine "Jessie" Bonstelle who was an American theatre director, actress, and company manager of the Detroit Civic Theatre.  Prior to moving to Detroit in 1924, she was a producer and leading-actress on Broadway.  In 1956, Wayne State University purchased and renovated the theatre to house plays and musicals each year.

Hilberry Theatre
4743 Cass Avenue

The Hilberry TheatreIn 1917, the First Church of Christ Scientist opened its doors in Midtown.  Needing to expand, Wayne State University acquired the building in 1961 and converted the church into a 534 seat open stage theatre.  Named after the president of the university, Clarence B. Hilberry, the theatre was created to house a graduate repertory company, which opened its first season in 1964.


Studio Theatre at the Hilberry
4743 Cass Avenue – Lower Level

Studio Theatre at the HilberryLocated beneath the Hilberry Theatre, The Studio Theatre is a small intimate space used to immerse the audience during each performance.  With 110 seats, The Studio Theatre at the Hilberry allows the audience to engage and experience a show on a personal level.



Allesee Dance Theatre in Old Main
4841 Cass Avenue –Third Floor

Allessee Dance Theatre"Old Main" is the home to the Allesee Dance Theatre.  It is a 100 seat dance studio where you will enjoy watching dance students perform, showcasing their skills and techniques with first-class, world-renowned choreography created by guest artists and faculty.

150 years in the heart of Detroit