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Performance spaces

The Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance operates four theatres, a rehearsal/classroom complex in the Old Main building, and a production center that includes scenery, costume, and property shops that offer the best training in all areas of theatrical production.  Order tickets for the theatres online here.


Hilberry Theatre

The 532-seat Hilberry Theatre, operated for and by the graduate repertory company, is an open thrust stage with a walk-around ramp that encircles the audience and serves as an extension of the stage. The theatre recently received a new electrical system as well as new rigging and a computer-controlled lighting system.

Check out the Hilberry season here.


Bonstelle Theatre_interiorBonstelle Theatre

Located between the campus and downtown and used for the major productions of the undergraduate theatre program, The Bonstelle Theatre is a proscenium house with excellent sight linese and acoustics. Built in 1902, this 1,173-seat theatre has been restored and updated while still maintaining its historic charm.

Check out the Bonstelle season here.



Studio Theatre

The Studio Theatre is an intimate, 112-seat open stage theatre in the lower level of the Hilberry that is often used for experimental, student and classroom productions.

Check out the Studio season here.


Allesee Dance Theatre interiorAllesee Dance Theatre

The Allesee Dance Theatre is an intimate theatre space located on the third floor of Old Main. It is used for dance productions.





Other Facilities

The Production Center, located 1/2-block away from the Hilberry Theatre, houses scenic, costume and property shops.






Within Old Main, home of the department's faculty and theatre management offices, there are multiple design studios, movement and vocal studios, three dedicated rehearsal hall spaces and a lighting lab.

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