Wayne State University

Theatre Management

The Hilberry Theatre Management program is focused on arts leadership. The theory studied is similar to those in other arts administration programs, but the Hilberry degree is focused on practice and gives you the skills to work in a professional capacity immediately.

This full-immersion, practice-based course of study — modeled after real, professional theatres — offers leadership training and the opportunity to network with guest lecturers who work in the field. Our Management students learn, hands-on, what it means to run a professional theatre and often are hired into executive-level positions upon graduation.

The following selection of courses is typical for theatre managers:

  • Development of Drama
  • Human Resources for the Theatre
  • Public Relations and the Theatre
  • Market Data and Decisions
  • Source and Project Funds: Grant Writing
  • Fund Development and the Theatre
  • Leadership in Theatre
  • Desktop Publishing (Adobe Photoshop & InDesign)
  • Publishing on The Internet (Adobe Dreamweaver)
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Advanced Studies in Theatre Management

Additional courses are often offered include:

  • Dramatic Criticism
  • Theatre History
  • Organizational Communication
  • Legal Environment of the Arts