Master of Fine Arts - Stage Management

The M.F.A. in Stage Management program trains students for professional positions in higher education and the theatre. The stage manager's role requires a wide range of artistic, technical, managerial, and communication abilities. It demands a strong commitment to the process of theatre production and a desire to serve that process by fostering a creative work environment that is conducive to its ultimate success.

While here, the stage manager will undertake a minimum of six professional productions at the Hilberry, as well as the chance to mentor a production at the Bonstelle Theatre.

A balanced selection of courses and production assignments at the Hilberry Theatre prepare the student for a professional position immediately following graduation.

Sixty Credits

Course List
Code Title Credits
THR 6601 Studio I 2
THR 6605 Stage Management - Health and Safety 2
THR 7601 Stage Management - Event Management 2
THR 7605 Stage Management - Performance Management 2
THR 8601 Stage Management - AEA Contracts 2
THR 8605 Stage Management - Commerce of Theatre 2
THR 6301 Foundations of Graduate Design 2
THR 7583 Repertory Theatre: Stage Management (Max. 12) 1-4
THR 8991 MFA Management Exit Project 3
Theatre Electives  
History and Criticism Sequence  
Select four of the following: 12

THR 5821

Black Dramatic Literature and Performance  

THR 5831

Pioneers of the Modern Theatre  

THR 5721


THR 5812

Development of the Drama II: Nineteenth Century to Modern  

THR 7741


THR 7281

Theatre Aesthetics  
Theatre Arts & Crafts Sequence  
Select four of the following: 12

THR 5321

Theatre Costuming I  

THR 5325

Entertainment Design - Costume I  

THR 5721


THR 5331

Stage Lighting  

THR 5311

Stage Design  

THR 5422

Introduction to Scene Painting  

THR 5335

Advanced Stage Lighting Design  

THR 7381

Architecture and Decor  
THR 8941
THR 8945
Teaching Internship I
and Teaching Internship II

Other Electives with advisor's approval

Application requirements

  • resume
  • 3 or 4 letters of recommendation
  • unofficial transcripts
  • a sample of prompt book (submitted electronically)

Interview requirements

Candidates for the Stage Management program are required to be interviewed in person. For the application, applicants are required to bring examples of their prompt books, writing, and other materials such as schedules and programs to support their candidacy.

Admission is based off audition and/or interview and you must also be admitted by The Graduate School at Wayne State University.

To apply, please visit the Graduate School Application Portal.

Financial Package

  • Stipend:  $19,967 (2019-2020)
  • Full Tuition Waiver
  • Insurance: Medical/Dental/Vision (employee contribution)

Dana Gamarra
Senior Lecturer
Production Coordinator and Area Head of Stage Management