Master of Fine Arts - Scene Design

The MFA in Scene Design program is dedicated to preparing students for careers as professionals in the entertainment industry.  A balance of rigorous coursework, innovative production work and one-on-one mentorship provides students with a holistic learning experience. A course of study that begins with a solid foundation in skills, prepares students for success in the theoretical and practical application of their discipline.  Programmatically the department encourages the development of each individual's working, design, and creative process.  Through truthful and constructive critique faculty assist students in the refinement and solidification of their personal aesthetic.

Course List

Sixty Credits

Course List
Code Title Credits
THR 5315 Advanced Stage Design 3
THR 5422 Introduction to Scene Painting 3
THR 5426 Advanced Scene Painting 3
THR 6301 Foundations of Graduate Design 2
THR 6381 Styles of Design 3
THR 6311 Professional Scenic Design I 3
THR 6315 Professional Scenic Design II 3
THR 6361 Design Studio I 2
THR 6365 Design Studio II 2
THR 8301 Design Studio III 2
THR 8305 Design Studio IV 2
THR 7582 Repertory Theatre: Design (12 req.) 1-4
THR 7381 Architecture and Decor 3
THR 8992 MFA Design Exit Project 2
Design Cognates (with advisor's approval) 6
Theatre Studies (with advisor's approval) 9

Application requirements

  • A resume
  • 3 or 4 letters of recommendation
  • unofficial transcripts
  • samples of design work (submitted electronically)

Interview requirements

Candidates must present a design portfolio either on campus or at a recruiting event (LINK, URTA, USITT, SETC). The portfolio should illustrate the candidate's artistic ability, sensitivity of the dramatic materials, use of research materials and fundamental understanding of tools of design.

Admission is based on interview and you must also be admitted by The Graduate School at Wayne State University.

To apply, please visit the Graduate School Application Portal.

Financial Package

  • Stipend: 2019-2020 $19,967
  • Full Tuition Waiver
  • Insurance: Medical/Dental/Vision (employee contribution)