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Ms. Prall is founder and director of the Art of Motion Dance Theatre. A native Detroiter, she began classical modern dance training under Ms. Kathryn G. Ellis. She studied Dunham and Horton technique under Mrs. Penny Godboldo. Making the journey to New York, she continued to study ballet and modern dance at Martha Graham’s school of contemporary dance and Alvin Ailey’s school of dance. Her teacher, Titos Sompa, sparked her curiosity in Central African dance. She soon joined Mr. Sompa’s Tanawa the first Congolese dance company in the U.S. After returning to Detroit she continued Dunham training with Clifford Fears, Penny Godboldo, and Congolese dance with Biza Sompa, joining Bichinis Bia Congo. Her extensive research and training includes study in Brazzaville, Congo-Paris; Dakar, Senegal-Monrovia, Liberia; Accra, Ghana and Mexico. Her passion and dedication to the local and global community as a performer, choreographer and instructor is evidenced in her ongoing creative and educational work. Ms. Prall was co-director in 2006 and director in 2007of WSU CompanyOne and the touring program Dance Africa Detroit.