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Wayne State Raisin Cycle is featured in 'American Theatre' magazine

American Theatre magazine

At Wayne State, ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ Meets Both its Sequels

by Maggie Gilroy

With the three plays receiving stagings at Wayne State in Detroit —  A Raisin in the Sun ran Feb.12-Feb.21, Beneatha’s Place Feb. 28-29, and Clybourne Park Feb. 26-April 2 — audiences have had the unique opportunity to see the three works play off of each other, and to note fresh resonances and contrasts. This may be the first time all three plays have been programmed together. For all their commonalities, though, each of the three plays at Wayne had a different director, none of whom explicitly coordinated their work with the others. As WSU is located in the center of Detroit, the productions attracted a diverse audience with conflicting opinions about how each play handles the topic of race. Perhaps unsurprisingly, post-show conversations moved quickly from discussions of the plays’ fictional world to the current state of race in Detroit and the U.S.


150 years in the heart of Detroit