Wayne State University

Minor in Musical Theatre

The Minor in Musical Theatre combines the experience the Maggie Allessee Department of Theatre and Dance and Department of Music to enhance your skills in musical theatre through course work and performance opportunities. 

Core Requirements: 6 credits

THR 1041 (VP) Musical Theatre Appreciation (3 credits)
Survey of American musical theatre from its multiple historical origins to the present. Development of musical theatre understanding and critical observational skills through focus on the ways in which the genre has emerged through interactions between musical theatre artists and their audiences.

MUA 2320/THR 2251 Musical Theatre Performance 1 (3 credits, permission required)
Studio course; examining the styles of musical theatre performance; applying acting techniques to interpret styles throughout the eras of musical theatre.

Performance Credits: 2 credits

THR 3581 Advanced Theatre Lab Performance (1 credit)
Succesfully audition for a role in the Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance spring musical production. Create a role from page to production.

THR 2251 Musical Theatre Performance 1 (1 credit)
Successfully audition for Motor City Cabaret in the Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance. This class explores multiple musical theatre era and then creates a revue that tours local schools and organizations.

MUA 2860/THR 2261 Opera Workshop (1 credit, consent from director required)
Rehearse and perform an Opera while working on diction in several languages, study movement, and polish vocal skills.

Elective Credits: 10-11 credits

DNC 1010 Intro to Modern Dance (2 credits)
Basic movement techniques and improvisational experiences in concert dance; films and concert viewing.

DNC 1210 Fundamentals of Classic Ballet 1 (2 credits)
Introduction to the fundamentals of classical ballet; emphasis on vocabulary, theory and practice, including films and concert viewing.

DNC 2610 Jazz 1/DNC 3410 Jazz 2 (2 credits)
Introduction to jazz dance technique; emphasis on alignment, movement isolation, rhythmic awareness, basic dance vocabulary, historical development. Jazz 2 is a continuation of Jazz 1 on a more advanced level.

DNC 2620 Tap (1 credit)
Study and practice of tap dance technique and choreography.

MUP 1225 Voice: Secondary Instruction (1-3 credits)
Private vocal lessons, one on one with a professor from the Music Department.

MUT 1100 Elementary Music Theorty (3 credits)
Terminology and standard notation, including intervals, triads, scales, rhythm, correlated ear training, and general musicianship.

MUT 1150 Ear Training 1 (1 credit)
An introduction to sight singing and the basics of solfeggio. Beginning with stepwise diatonic movement and proceeding to all melodic intervals and modulation to closely related keys. Simple and compound meters and syncopation are also included.

THR 1211 Acting 1 (3 credits)
An introduction to improvisation and the process of acting.

THR 2211 Acting: Scene Study (3 credits)
Continuation of Acting 1 with a focus on scene study.

THR 2255/MUA 2330 Musical Theatre Performance 2 (3 credits, permission required)
Continuation of Musical Theatre Performance I. 

Theatre students may not apply to the minor credits earned in: Acting 1 and Acting II or Acting: Scene Study

Music students may not apply to the minor credits earned in: Private Voice, Elementary Music Theory, Ear Training 1, or Ear Training 2

Dance majors may not apply to the minor credits earned in: Modern Dance 1, Ballet 1, Tap Dance, Jazz Dance 1 or Jazz Dance 

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