Minor in Dance

Take movement technique classes while you expand your understanding of dance through studio and dance studies and history.

Completion of a minor in dance requires nineteen credits in dance classes including ten credits in technique classes and nine credits in academic dance classes. Students should consult with the Department Academic Advisor for approval of courses satisfying this requirement. The department will accept up to ten transfer credits towards the Dance minor. A minimum of four technique credits and three academic dance credits must be taken at WSU. All courses older than ten years are subject to department review.

Technique Electives: 10 credits

DNC 1010 Introduction to Modern Dance (2 credits)
Basic movement techniques and improvisational experiences in concert dance; films and concert viewing.
DNC 1020 Modern Dance 1 (2 credits)
Continuation of DNC 1010 on an intermediate level.
DNC 2010 Modern Dance 2: Part 1 (2 credits)
Modern dance technique of increasing difficulty and complexity; experiences in improvisation, problem solving, and compositional studies in dance.
DNC 2020 Modern Dance 2: Part 2 (2 credits)
Modern dance technique of advancing difficulty; further experiences in improvisation, problem-solving and composition; analysis and refinement of technique and performance skills.
DNC 3010 Modern Dance 3 (2 credits)
Modern dance technique at the intermediate level.
DNC 4010 Modern Dance 4 (2 credits)
Modern dance technique, advanced level.
DNC 1210 Fundamentals of Classic Ballet 1 (2 credits)
Introduction to the fundamentals of classical ballet; emphasis on vocabulary, theory, and practice, including films and concert viewing.
DNC 1220 Fundamentals of Classic Ballet 2 (2 credits)
Continuation of DNC 1210
DNC 3200 Ballet 3 (2 credits)
Continuation of DNC 1220 on a more advanced technical level with emphasis on complex movement phrases and selections from classical repertory.
DNC 4200 Ballet 4 (2 credits)
Continuation of DNC 3200 with emphasis on advanced knowledge of classical ballet vocabulary.
DNC 2610 Jazz 1 (2 credits)
Introduction to jazz dance technique; emphasis on alignment, movement isolation, rhythmic awareness, basic dance vocabulary, historical development.
DNC 3410 Jazz 2 (2 credits)
Continuation of DNC 2610 on a more advanced level.
DNC 4610 Jazz 3 (2 credits)
Continuation of DNC 3410 with advanced training in jazz technique and styles.
DNC 2600 African Dance 2 (3 credits)
Intermediate technique and theory.
DNC 3220 Ballet Pointe Technique (1 credit)
Technical skill development on pointe.
DNC 2225 Contemporary Ballet (1 credit)
Investigation of movement, styles and technical foundations of Contemporary Ballet.

Academic Electives: 9 credits

DNC 2000 (VP) Intro to World Dance (3 credits)
Global perspective on and definition of dance, through assigned readings, writing field trips, and laboratory experience. Focus on multicultural diversity, interdependent nature of dance.
DNC 2400 (FC) Intro to African Dance (3 credits)
Exploration of African and African derived dance forms, together with integrated philosophy, music, art and theatre forms. Lectures, videos, concert attendance and reading assignments to learn and perform dances from selected African societies.
DNC 2310 (VP) Dance History 1800 - Present (3 credits)
Introduction to critical dance studies and dance history from 1800-present. Impact of vernacular dance and historical ballet and modern concert dance on contemporary dance, examined formally and socio-culturally. How dance circulates globally as mediated and embodied history.
DNC 2300 History of Dance to 1800 (3 credits)
Survey of dance in western civilization from pre-historic times through the eighteenth century; how dance evolved from expression of primitive cultures to independent theatrical entertainment in western Europe.

Course offerings are subject to change.