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Minor in Africana Theatre and Dance

Examine key concepts in Africana Theatre and Dance theory. Practice through the analysis of performance and popular culture. Participate in theatrical productions of new and established works. The program endeavors to challenge and engage the community about the black experience as it relates to theatre and dance.

Download the Minor in Africana Theatre and Dance brochure (PDF)

Core Requirements: 12 credits

DNC 2400 Introduction to African Dance (3 credits)
Exploration of African and African derived dance forms, together with their integrated philosophy, music, art and theatre forms. Lectures, videos, concert attendance and reading assignments to learn and perform dances from selected African societies.

DNC 2600 African Dance II (3 credits)
Prereq: DNC 2400 and required audition. Intermediate technique and theory.

THR 1030 Into to Black Theatre and Performance (3 credits)
Orgins, development, and current trends with production techniques and problems related to the special area of the drama.

THR 3811 Africana Theatre and Dance: Concepts and Practices (3 credits, permission required)
Exploration of the interdisciplinary and global reach of black performance in theatre and dance; examination of key concepts through the analysis of performance and popular culture with scholarly and creative texts by scholars, activists, and artists from the Black Diaspora.

THR 5821 Black Dramatic Literature and Performance (3 credits)
Critical study of significant black dramatists of the American Stage; Willis Richardson, Marita Bonner, Randolph Edmonds, Langston Hughes, Alice Childress, Lorraine Hansberry, Ed Bullins, Amiri Baraka, Ntozake Shange, and August Wilson.

Elective Credits: 6 credits

AFS 2010 African-American Culture: Historical and Aesthetic Roots (4 credits)
Examination of the historical, traditional, and aesthetic bases of a variety of cultural forms--language, literature, music--of the Black experience.

AFS 2390 (IC) Intro to African-American Literature: Literature and Writing (3 credits)
Introduction to major themes and some major writers of African-American literature, emphasizing modern works. Reading and writing about representative poetry, fiction, essays, and plays.

DNC 2000 (VP) Intro to World Dance (3 credits)
Global perspective on and definition of dance, through assigned readings, writing field trips, and laboratory experience. Focus on multicultural diversity, interdependent nature of dance.

THR 3581 Advanced Theatre Studio-Performance (1 credit, permission required)
Supervised studio in theatre performance requiring participation in department productions.


DNC 5610 Dance Company (1-4 credits, permission required)
Performing company. Open to students interested in performing and/or choreographing.

THR 1010 (VP) Intro to Theatre (3 credits)
Historical, critical and cultural aspects of theatre discussed relative to play attendance. Course offerings subject to change

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