Careers in Dance

Many of the students who graduate from Wayne State with a degree in dance move into dance-related careers. Some graduates continue in dance performance and choreography in regional and national companies. Others work with movement as kinesiologists, dance therapists, dance instructors, physical therapists and Laban movement analysts. 

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15 Career Options for Dance Majors

1. Dancer in a major arts organizations, such as a ballet company, opera house or musical theater company

2. Choreographer for those same organizations

3. Notator to preserve the choreography and repertoire for those companies

4. Dancer in a large-scale theme park, Las Vegas production or smaller productions on a cruise line

5. Dancer for music videos and commercials

6. Choreographer, trainer or coach for music videos 

7. Marketing and public relations for a dance company

8. Web design and social media management for a dance company

9. Grant writing, development, and finance for arts organizations

10. Artist management and representation

11. Arts facilities operations

12. Special events planner for a ballet company or arts organization

13. Dance teacher at a dance studio or school

14. Dance or movement therapist

15. Sports trainer or Pilates instructor

from, "Career Options for Dance Majors" BY JACKIE BURRELL


From WSU Career Services, for more information about careers in Dance