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Bachelor of Science with a major in dance

Dance Bachelor of Science (B.S.) is a curriculum for students with prior dance experience who wish to combine university-level dance studies with a broad program of general study in the arts and sciences.

The Bachelor of Science in Dance offers an integrative program in the study of dance, culture and community and provides students multiple opportunities to enhance technical skill, to investigate shifting social and global concerns, and to cultivate innovative approaches to dance in diverse contexts and professions. The BS in Dance provides multi-career preparation through its unique blend of inquiry, practice, pedagogy, and technology, preparing students to be imaginative and innovative leaders for improving people's lives and social circumstances through dance and related professions.

Sample 4-Year Plan of Work, for incoming students pursing a BS in Dance

Sample 4-Year Plan of Workfor current students pursuing a BS in Dance

Admission to this program is contingent upon satisfaction of the general requirements for undergraduate admission to the University and a successful audition conducted by the department faculty.

To apply to Wayne State University please visit www.apply.wayne.edu.

Multiple audition dates are scheduled each school year prior to starting the program. A completed registration form is required as part of the application process to the University.. 

Visit http://theatreanddance.wayne.edu/dance/auditions.php for audition information.

DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: Candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in dance must complete a minimum of 120 credits in course work, as well as satisfaction of the University General Education Requirements and degree requirements of the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts. This program requires forty-seven credits in dance courses (specified below), as well as thirty-one credits in University General Education courses and forty-two credits in electives. All course work must be completed in accordance with the academic procedures of the University and the academic procedures of the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts governing undergraduate scholarship and degrees, as well as with the requirements of the Maggie Allesee Department of Dance. The forty-seven credits in specified dance courses must be completed with grades of 'C-' or better; grades of 'D+' or below are not acceptable in any required dance course for dance majors. Students receiving the grade of 'D+' in any required courses will be placed on departmental probation and may be denied continuation in the dance program. Any dance major who does not comply and/or does not register and complete appropriate dance coursework for one semester must re-audition for the dance program for re-admission. Students out of the dance program for two semesters or more are rarely re-admitted to the program.




DNC 1330 -- Production Practicum: Cr. 1

DNC 2310 -- History of Dance to the Present: Cr. 3

DNC 2410 -- Music and Dance Relationships: Cr. 3

DNC 2500 -- Choreography I: Cr. 2

DNC 3180 -- Dance Kinesiology: Cr. 3

DNC 3310 -- Dance Production: Cr. 3

DNC 3500 -- Choreography II: Cr. 2

DNC 5993 -- (WI) Writing Intensive Course in Dance: Cr. 0

Total: 15 Credits




DNC 1810 -- Intro to Dance Profesions: Cr. 3

DNC 3810 -- Dance Pedagogy: Cr. 3

DNC 4910 -- Dance in Community: Cr. 3

DNC 5910 -- Dance Professions Seminar: Cr. 3

(Online course, includes internship or fieldwork)

Total: 12 Credits


PERFORMANCE/ RESEARCH (twenty credits required)


DNC 2460 -- Dance Improvisation: Cr. 2

DNC 5110 -- Dance Styles: Pilates: Cr. 1

DNC 5998 – Professions Capstone Research: Cr. 3

Two Credits from the following:


DNC 5000 -- Performance Tour: Cr. 2

DNC 5610 -- Dance Company I : Cr. 1

DNC 5800 -- Repertory: Cr. 1

Twelve credits from the following:


DNC 1010 -- Introduction to Modern Dance. Cr. 2

DNC 1020 -- Beginning Modern Dance. Cr. 2 (Max. 6)

DNC 1220 -- Fundamentals of Classic Ballet II. Cr. 2 (Max. 8)

DNC 2010 -- Modern Dance Technique I Cr. 2

DNC 2020 -- Modern Dance Technique II Cr. 2

DNC 2600 -- African Dance II. Cr. 2

DNC 2610 -- Jazz I. Cr. 2 (Max. 8)

DNC 3010 -- Modern Dance Technique III: Cr. 2 (Max. 8)

DNC 3200 -- Ballet III. Cr. 2

DNC 3410 -- Jazz II. Cr. 2 (Max. 4)

DNC 4010 -- Modern Dance Technique IV: Cr. 2 (Max. 8)

DNC 4610 -- Jazz III. Cr. 2

Total: 20 credits




DNC 2000 -- (VP) Introduction to Dance: Cr. 4

DNC 2400 -- (FC) Introduction to African Dance: Cr. 3

COGNATE Requirements (elect two of the following courses):


A H 1000 or A H 1110 or A H 1120

(VP) Introduction to Art: Cr. 4

(VP) Survey of Art History: Ancient through Medieval. Cr. 3-4

(VP) Survey of Art History: Renaissance through Modern. Cr. 3-4

COM 1600 -- Intro to Audio- TV-Film Production: Cr.3

COM 3170 -- Fundamentals of Public Relations : Cr. 3

MUH 1340 -- (VP) Music Appreciation: World Music: Cr. 3

MUH 1370 -- (VP) Music Appreciation: Beginnings to Present: Cr. 3

THR 1010 -- (VP) Introduction to the Theatre: Cr. 3

Total 6-7 Credits


Performance Opportunities: Company One, Dance Workshop, and To Sangana are performing groups composed of skilled dance students who must qualify for membership through auditions. They present concerts, lecture/demonstrations, and performances on campus and in the community, choreographed by visiting artists, faculty, and students.



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