Wayne State University

B.S. to B.F.A. Transfer

Guideline for B.S. freshmen dance majors to re-apply and audition for the B.F.A. Dance Program

The dance faculty of the Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance may invite selected freshman dance majors in the BS program to apply and re4audition for admittance into the BFA program in dance. ONLY those students selected to re4apply by the dance faculty and invited by the Dance Area Head may do so.

For BS students that have been formally invited, you must complete the following:

To apply for admission to the BFA program, invited students must submit the following in the second semester of their freshman year:

1 - BFA Professional Goals Statement: Two-page statement of professional goals and career aspirations, as well as evidence of BFA caliber technique, performance and academic accomplishments. If you have any deficiencies, for example a grade of B or lower in technique or choreography classes (B+ is required for all BFA students), please address this issue in your statement.

2 - Current Transcription: Copies, unofficial from Pipeline.

3 - Choreograph and perform a three-minute solo: video tape and submit your solo on DVD or provide URL.

Dance faculty will observe invited students in technique classes during a specified week during the month of April. Submit all materials to the Dance Area Head no later than the first Monday in April of Winter Term. All decisions are final; no further applications for the BFA program will be accepted from BS dance majors.