Wayne State University


  1. Obtain an undergraduate application from:
    Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    Wayne State University
    PO Box 02759
    Detroit, MI 48202-0759
    Telephone: (313) 577-3577 Fax: (313) 577-7536
  2. For admission consideration, submit the completed application, official transcripts and application fee as directed.
  3. To major in programs offered by the Department of Theatre and Dance, you must also be accepted into the Department of Theatre and Dance through a audition and registration process. During your audition, you will be assessed for technique level placement. Upon acceptance, your dance faculty adviser will use the technique placement results when advising you about the appropriate courses for the school year. The Department of Theatre and Dance provides all of the information you need concerning audition dates and requirements and the names of faculty members in your area of interest.

Freshmen Orientation

Once you are admitted to Wayne State University, you will receive an invitation to participate in an orientation program for incoming freshmen.  Presentations at orientation will provide information about all aspects of student life at Wayne State.  You will also meet with your academic advisor and register gor your first semester classes.  By the end of the orientation day, you should have everything taken care of to begin your college career.  Orientation is required for in-coming freshmen.

Transfer Orientation

Once you are admitted, you will receive an invitation to participate in an orientation program for transfer students. We urge you to attend. During your orientation session, the orientation team will provide you with a great deal of useful information about how things work at WSU and you will meet with your academic advisor, James Fortune, to register for classes.

Feel free to seek advising from James Fortune as soon as possible to discuss your educational goals and get the best advice about your actual course plan. We urge you to seek advising in your major department even before you transfer to Wayne State so that you can determine the courses that you will need and may even avoid any overlap with courses taken before coming to Wayne State.

High School Dual enrollment

The Concurrent Admission/High School Dual Enrollment Program allows you to supplement your education by pursuing college coursework while you’re still in high school. Visit the Dual enrollment page for more information.

Dance Audition Registration Form