Media Center

media center


The Media Center is a computer lab and resource center that houses both Mac an PC computers. The Media Center is available to all current theatre or dance majors at Wayne State University. The Media Center offers Open Lab Hours and Media Workshops each Friday. Workshops are 1.5 hours and introduce students to the basic and intermediate level concepts of Adobe's Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Archival photos of Theatre and Dance at Wayne productions are accessible in the Media Center. Faculty, Staff and Students who have permission from a faculty member are able to rent media production equipment to produce content for academic-related projects. 

Lab Protocol
  • Upon entering, write your name and Access ID on the Lab Sign-In sheet
  • Eating and drinking in the labs is prohibited
  • Printing is 10¢/page and should be given to the Media Center staff
  • The Lab Assistant computer on the Mac side of the lab is reserved for the Lab Assistant only.
  • Save personal files to an external memory source (i.e. your flash drive, external hard drive)
  • If you don't have an external memory source, you may temporarily save your files to the "lab user" folder on the Mac desktops
  • A "library" environment should be kept at all times during Open Lab hours.
  • When finished using the computers, quit all applications, remove any personal external memory source, throw any trash in your area away and return the chair to under the desk.
  • Students have access to photo and video archival footage from productions in which they were personally involved